Gutter Cleaning


We'll assess your gutters, remove all leaves & debris, and flush out your gutters and down-pipes.

What Are The Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning?

  • Prevent fire hazard due to dry leaves accumulating in your gutters  
  • Eliminate nesting environments for vermin and pests  
  • Extend the lifespan of your guttering system  
  • Protects your ceiling and internal structures from overflowing gutters  
  • Prevents DIY gutter cleaning accidents
Gutter Guard King Tas
utter Guard King Tas

Gutter Guard Kng Tas is a team of expert gutter cleaners from your community that provides hassle-free gutter cleaning services for residential, strata and commercial properties in the Hobart region. In general we almost always recommend having a quality Gutter Guard Protection system installed, but we do understand that not everyone is in the same situation. So, we therefore offer a premium Gutter Cleaning service for those who need it.

We are not amateur gutter cleaners. We are fully insured and trained professional gutter cleaners that will safely and thoroughly remove all traces of leaves, branches and environmental debris from your guttering system. Our unique gutter cleaning methodology ensures we won't dent or damage your gutters.

What Can You Expect From Gutter Guard King Tas  

  • Superb gutter cleaning services  
  • Friendly service  
  • Mess-free gutter cleaning  
  • Free gutter cleaning quote  
  • Prompt and efficient service  
  • WHS compliant  
  • Excellent rates  
  • Free reminder service

The Three Gutter Cleaning Don'ts 

  • Don't risk expensive roof damage by not cleaning your gutters. Extend the lifespan of your gutters by regularly having them cleaned. 
  • Don't risk injury or death by trying to clean your gutters yourself without proper safety gear. Rely on professional gutter cleaners that can safely access your gutters. 
  • Don't risk using an uninsured amateur gutter cleaner. Only trust fully insured and trained gutter cleaning professionals.


We often don't think about our gutters until there is a downpour. But it is important to keep your gutters free of debris to not only ensure they will not get clogged but also to extend the lifespan of your roof and guttering system. Water Damage - Your gutters are designed to channel rainwater off your roof and safely away from your property. Blocked gutters can cause water to seep into the internal structure of your roof and leak down through your walls. Internal water damage can be very expensive to repair. Leaking gutters can cause moisture problems leading to major mould growth through your roof cavity. In the long run, this may require your roof and siding to be replaced. Keep your gutter free of leaves and blockages and you can avoid expensive water damage repairs. Drowning Landscapes – When a gutter is blocked, the water has to go somewhere. Normally we love waterfalls, but not when they are pouring over our gutters and flooding your landscapes. Pooling water can seep into the base of your property and cause foundation cracks. Many homeowners that spend time caring for their gardens can become extremely frustrated when overflowing water erodes garden beds and overwaters plants. Overflowing Gutters - Most gutters are not designed to hold excessive weight, hence when gutters are full of water as they can not flow out the downpipe, backed up gutters can pull away from the fascia and ruin your gutters. Rusted Gutters – Even the highest quality gutters can start to rust when damp leaves buildup in the corners of your gutters. Once rust starts in your metal gutters the oxidisation process can eat all the way through your gutters.

Flushing Out Debris Through Your Gutter Guard System

Gutter Guard Protection keeps out most leaves and debris but there is always the possibility that small sit and dirt particles can get through the 3.5mm or 2mm holes.  

If you feel confident in prforming this yourself, simply grab a suitable ladder and have a look through the mesh and if there is any build up of silt and dirt just hold your hose on the top of the mesh and flushing towards the down-pipe. 

This will ensure your gutters are well maintained and kept clean permanently. Some homes are fine and any dirt is generally flushed out with rainfall. Bu not all homes do this depending on the fall of their gutters and the area they are located.  

If you need any assistance with this we can arrange to come out every 12 months and fully flush your gutters out for you. We only charge $100-$150 for this service, depending on the property, to cover some time and costs etc. 

Remember not all gutters will require a flush, only those where the rain has not flushed out any silt build up naturally.


The job isn't done until you're seeing the promised results. We believe so deeply in the quality of our work that if you're not happy with the results, you don't pay.